Self-Assessment Team (SAT)

Self-Assessment Team (SAT)

Being one of the constituent school of pioneer University (Pokhara University), in western Development Region of Nepal, we are dedicated consistently to prove ourselves as the ideal academic platform through imparting higher academic and research activities along with skill development and behavior change in the societal aspect for the overall progress of nation. It is an established fact that the mechanism should be dynamic along with adequate updates to newer version and technique for smooth running of academia and research, which insure the quality of education with positive attitudes. In line to above fact, for the Quality Assurance and Accreditation process (QAA) of our School, we have been taking strong initiative for fulfilling different standard parameters set by Higher Education Reform Project (HERP) under University Grant commission (UGC) Nepal. As required in the QAA process, the School had been engaged in documentation and Self-Study Report (SSR) preparation through formation of first Self-Assessment Team (SAT) by the respected dean of Faculty of Health Science, Pokhara University. Nim Bahadur Dangi as a coordinator of first SAT prepared the SSR and submitted to UGC, Nepal, which was approved by UGC. Pre-visit to our School was completed by PRT team formulated by UGC which recommended various aspects of School for the better improvements in coming days. As per the valued commendation, Director of the School, Bimala Bhatta reformed SAT which was 3-membered team as follows-

Nim Bahadur Dangi                     Coordinator

Namuna Sharma                                Member

Radha Parajuli                                    Member

The School organized 2-days workshop (residential) addressing to all faculty members regarding the importance of QAA and its establishment in presence of experts related to QAA from Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. The workshop put insight regarding the value and matter of pride of QAA to all the core concerned stakeholders of school. After this, 2nd SAT was significantly supported from the concerned division, programs, coordinators, faculty members and staffs for accelerating the updates of SSR. Thus updated SSR was resubmitted to UGC, Nepal.